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The Collective Distro. Home to Bindrune, Eihwaz and Nordvis USA


  • This is the home for
  • Bindrune, Eihwaz and Nordvis
  • merchandise here in N. America
  • and so much more! Visit our Blog for more info!

Stilla - Skuggflock CD/LP

  • Bindrune and Nordvis team up again
  • to unveil Stilla's 3rd opus of innovative
  • yet pure Swedish black metal! Emotive
  • atmosphere awaits on this, the bands first ever US release!
Panopticon Revisions of the Past 2CD

Panopticon - Revisions of the Past 2CD

  • Featuring a complete overhaul of the albums: On the Subject
  • of Mortality and Social Disservices, Revisions of the Past
  • finds both releases re-mixed, re-amped and re-mastered,
  • for a result that is a much more powerful and emotive experience!
Falls of Rauros CD releases

Falls of Rauros CD Reissues!

  • Both of these classic albums have finally
  • been reissued after years of drifting in the aether!
  • Featuring a lavish package redesign,
  • both releases are housed in a durable and sleek Digipak
VEX Sky Exile

Vex - Sky Exile CD

  • Expansive, Magical and Progressive
  • Melodic Death Metal is born out of
  • the endless vision of Austin's Vex!
  • Sky Exile is a deep and all consuming listen.

Waldgefluster/Panopticon Split Digipak CD

  • This split release is a truly fitting union between like minded souls and spiritual brothers.
  • Waldgefluster and Panopticon offer 1 exclusive track each, and cover
  • a song from each others stunning catalog. Emotive and expansive black metal
  • resides with traditional instruments and personal themes.
  • The Brotherhood is indeed strong! LP coming soon!
Toska MCD

Toska - "Toska" MCD

  • Out from the cold winds of Mother North come the unknown
  • men of Toska! Icelandic Blackness scorched by the unending
  • fires kindled by the likes of Dodheimsgard, Windir
  • and Funeral Mist. Twisted, freezing and melodically unique!

Krigsgrav - Waves of Degradation CD

  • With dense atmosphere and a gift for creating songs
  • that resonate with power and passion, Krigsgrav have sculpted
  • 5 vibrant tracks of moving black metal that struggles with
  • the downfall of this planet. LP coming late 2016!

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